5 Cesspool Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Your cesspool is an essential function of your home. Many cesspool problems that arise can be costly to fix which is why it is imperative that you maintain your cesspool on a regular basis. Whether you are installing a new cesspool or you want to learn how to keep your existing one functioning properly, you should keep yourself up to speed on how to maintain it to avoid any problems. Here are five cesspool installation long island and maintenance tips you need to know.

Cesspool Truck

Avoid damage to the cesspool structure
First of all, you should know where your cesspool is located on your property. You want to make sure you do not drive on top of the area. This includes vehicles and heavy landscape machines. The heavy weight of machinery or a vehicle can put pressure on the cesspool causing it to crack. If your cesspool cracks or breaks, it could cause raw sewage to seep onto your property costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Your neighbors probably won’t appreciate it much either as raw sewage doesn’t exactly smell like roses. That’s why you need a cesspool service as soon as possible.  If you are unsure where your suffolk county cesspools are located, you can have a professional locate them for you.

Don’t plant trees near your cesspool
If you are looking to cover the area of your cesspool as to avoid driving over it, don’t plant a huge tree. This could cause a major problem because the roots of the tree can grow into the cesspool causing damage. Your best bet is to plant small shrubs and plants instead.

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Limit the use of chemicals
Chemicals are used every day in the household. From cleaning the toilet to mopping floors, there are plenty of cleaners that have chemical ingredients that can harm your  Long Island cesspool installation . If you are using bleach in your laundry every day or harsh chemicals consistently in your everyday cleaning routine, you can kill the bacteria that you cesspool needs in order to function properly. To avoid this, look into purchasing cleaners that are environmentally friendly but will still get your cleaning job done the way you like it. Also, when washing laundry, it is better to use a liquid detergent over powder detergent. Powder detergents can cause a buildup in your cesspool. The more buildup, the better chance you have in getting an inconvenient cesspool backup.

Don’t flush feminine hygiene products
To avoid flushing of feminine products into your cesspool, keep a wastebasket in your bathroom. Tampons and applicators that enter the cesspool can cause a major and costly backup problem. Having raw sewage escaping from your cesspool to your yard will not only be an embarrassing smell but a big expensive mess as well.\

Don’t use a garbage disposal system
While a garbage disposal system may seem convenient while cleaning up after dinner and washing dishes, it won’t be convenient in the long run. A garbage disposal system that grinds up bones and gristle are not cesspool friendly. If you don’t want your cesspool to overflow, you may want to use a compost bin instead.

If you notice a problem with your cesspool system even if you are mindful of the above, you should call a professional Long Island cesspool service to assess the problem. It is wise not to wait and see if the problem goes away. Staying immediately on top of the issue could avoid an even more costly service call.